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I am told I come by the need to travel honestly. I grew up hearing about my grandparents traveling all over the world, as well as my parents bouncing all over just to see and do. When I was young I loved watching Indiana Jones and reading National Geographic. I dreamt about foreign cultures and exploring different countries. Maybe even finding a lost civilization or two.  It got worse as I grew older. By the time I was in my late teens and out on my own I would pretty much go anywhere that sounded interesting, just take off at random anywhere that sounded cool. Journey to the center of the earth? I’m game, when are we leaving? Want to drive north two hours to another state just to get a case of  beer? Let’s go!  I was renowned for just taking off on a whim just to end up six hours later watching the sun rise on some beach the next morning.

But after my son was born that changed. For the first couple of years we didn’t travel much at all. I thought I was going to go stir-crazy. But once he was about three we started just going. It started with small trips, and over the years our adventures grew and evolved into grander adventures. Now, my son is fifteen and is my all-time favorite and best travel partner. Our motto is work hard play harder, and we have had the privilege and the opportunity do go see, and do some awesome things. Our most recent adventure was getting scuba certified.

Our adventures don’t have to take us across the country, sometimes it’s not so much the places, but what you do while you’re there. Some place local that we’ve been to hundreds of times can turn into a new memory by doing something that we hadn’t previously tried, such as rock climbing or rappelling off our favorite mountain. Other times it can be something small like discovering a new swimming-hole or waterfall we hadn’t previously found on a hike. We never know what we will find on our trips and those are the memories I want to make with him.

I hope that our adventures will help to inspire more people to get out and experience the world. We are always learning the best ways to travel, so you will get plenty of first hand experience about what does and doesn’t work. Hopefully you will share your experiences with us as well! You can always email at amber@victimofthetravelbug.com

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