6 Ways to Battle Motion Sickness

September 8, 2017

Coming from a girl that has had severe motion sickness since I was little, I can tell you it’s put a damper on a lot of fun things I could’ve been doing. Going to Six Flags? Sure I’ll go. I’ll take photos of everyone else. Wanna go out and hang on the boat for the day? Yeah, sorry not going to happen. The list goes on and on. A few years ago I broke down at Disney when my son desperately wanted me to ride the Yeti ride and went on it with him. Now, if you don’t know about this rollercoaster, it will go all over the place going forward, and then when you least expect it throws itself backward and takes you all over the place again. I did not know this when I went on it that day. And to make matters worse, we “won” a pass to stay on and ride again back to back… Yeah..
I got off the roller coaster that day with a happy little boy. I, however, was a literal shade of green and couldn’t walk more than about a foot before wanting to fall over and puke. I was pretty much done for the rest of the day and felt horrible I couldn’t keep up with everyone else. So, I started looking into ways to help my motion sickness if even just a little bit.

Motion sickness is described as feelings of nausea, dizziness, hot flashes, and sweating. Vomiting can occur along with it. Motion sickness or, travel sickness, can happen while flying, driving, boating, or any other activity that has any amount of movement. It is the disconnect in communication with your body that distinguishes what you see versus what your body thinks it sees causing inner ear confusion. While there are multiple ways to treat it such as medication, patches and herbal remedies I’m here to tell you I’ve tried almost all and very few work as well as described. So let’s look at the different ways you can treat motion sickness.


Dramamine is the most well known over the counter pill that aids to combat the symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea and vomiting. Recently they have come out with a new type that also has ginger in it. They have several kinds of Dramamine from the regular and non-drowsy versions, to adult chewable and kids versions. I’ve found that the adult versions seem to put me to sleep, (I have a very low medicine tolerance) so take it at your own risk of sleeping forever.

ZenTrip Motion Sickness Relief Strips

ZenTrip is a strip made to be placed on your tongue where it disolves to release a medacine to help fight motion sickness. They seem to work better than the patches you can also get to put on your neck although the effects didn’t seem to last a full twenty-four hours. The best part about these is you do not need any liquid to take them, unlike pills making it simple to keep them with you to take on the go no problem. You can get these without a prescription online on various websites.

You can get ginger in several forms. The most popular one being in pill form. They smell horrible and don’t taste any better so make sure to get it down as quickly as possible. They do work reasonably well, but for me, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. You can get these pretty much anywhere although I think the best deal for your money is on Amazon, especially if you will be using it a lot. Locally you can find it at your health supplement store.

Motion sickness bands

These bands go on your wrists and have a hard plastic piece underneath it that puts pressure on an acupressure point on your wrist meant to stop motion sickness in its tracks. I wore a set of fabric ones on a flight to Ireland, and I have to admit it was probably the best flights I’ve ever been on sickness wise. I could even write on the plane. I’ve only been able to find them online thus far, however you can get a variety of styles from a black silicone band all the way to a beaded fabric version in multiple colors. I cant speak for those types, but I can tell you for certain these have been my favorite so far.

The Reliefband
The Reliefband is similar to the acupressure bands in that they are worn on your wrist but instead of a hard plastic piece it acts as a mini tens unit sending small electrical pulses to the same spot on your wrist as the plastic would push on. It doesn’t hurt. It kind of tickles. My parents got one for me when I was much younger, and it did help a lot. These are a bit more pricey and run somewhere in the eighty dollar range. You can find them online as well.

In the age of alternative medicine, peppermint is leading the way as a remedy for headaches and nausea. It’s typically applied to the wrists or used in a nasal smelling form.  I’ve found that it usually only alleviated the symptoms of motion sickness temporarily though. You can find this at your local herbal shop or online.

This post may contain affiliate links – but don’t worry, I always fully believe in the products I endorse. By clicking through and making a purchase, I receive a small commission, because who doesn’t love a little extra income here and there, right?

Have you tried any of these? Which ones worked for you? If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below.
Happy Wandering!

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