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How To Survive Your First Travel & Adventure Show

March 2, 2018

From stateside to overseas, the travel and adventure show is by far the best place to find all your travel information and inspiration in one place. Here you can experience camel rides and discover scuba classes, along with learning the best ways to travel from some of the biggest names in the travel world, all under one roof. Devin and I took off to Chicago, Illinois (in the middle of their biggest snow of the year) to go check out this years’ show and we are so glad we did because it didn’t disappoint!
But don’t worry, if you missed the one in Chicago there are still more to come. As the show travels across the U.S., you will find the others in Texas, Colorado, California, and Massachusetts. You can find more on those at Now, let’s get down to it. These shows are massive! So, to be able to survive your first travel show (and not feel like you ran a triathlon by the time it’s over) you’re gonna need a strategy.

  • Get your tickets and download the map of the convention from travel shows website.
  • Get the list of speakers and their allotted speaking times for each of the stages. Once you have decided who you want to see, write down those times and which stages they will be on.
  • Add in time slots for anything you want to see on the other stages. The global beats stage and the taste of travel stages are two others that you won’t want to miss.

Remember: All stages are running from show opening until the close of the day, but some will repeat the next day.

Now you can use all that information to decide where to start and work your way through the show from there! Whew! That’s a lot of information I know, but if you wait until you walk through the doors, you may miss something or not have enough time to see everything you wanted to see. Bonus: Regardless of how well you plan you will do a crazy amount of walking. You’ll get two full days of exercise should anyone be using a step counter.

The Day Of:
Wear the most comfortable shoes you own! I can’t stress this enough. Most civic center halls have concrete floors. This can be very hard on your feet all day as well as your back. Add in carrying around all those brochures you will pick up as the day goes on and you’ve got a decent amount of weight resting on you for the day.
Be prepared to enter a ton of drawings. Almost every vendor there will have a drawing for some type of prize be it your dream trip or the coolest travel gear on the market. I encourage you to sign up. Even if you don’t win, you will get more inspiration for your travel adventures throughout the year as most will send you emails (don’t worry I haven’t been spammed thus far).
Last but not least, at the Travel and Adventure Shows you will find deals on your next trip that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you have some extra cash in case you find a deal you just can’t pass up.
Happy Wandering!

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